We don’t sell advertising

We help businesses of all sizes evaluate the results of their advertising.

How does it work?


Martin manages his company’s advertising and, like everyone, he includes the phone number in his ads. But it is impossible for him to know if it’s working or not.


With the help of MarCom Decisions, Martin places a unique and specific number in each of his ads. The calls are automatically forwarded to his main number.


Now Martin can check the results of his ads any time he wants. He knows exactly which ad the calls came from and he can make decisions that are much better informed.

It’s easy, fast and effective. Wherever you place a telephone number, we can show you the results.

With our services, all you get are results. Period!


Save thousands of dollars
by getting rid of ads and media that don’t work and by negotiating better rates from your media providers with real data to back you up.


Increase your revenue
by focusing on advertising that really works.

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