Frequently asked questions.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is a service which tracks every call and all the details of those calls that come in on certain phone numbers. Toll free numbers or local numbers are assigned to different advertising campaigns and creative test variations. The service provides a web based user interface where you can log in and view all the details of inbound calls, compare them to other campaigns or test treatments (A/B testing or Multivariate testing), and even listen to the recordings of the phone calls in MP3 format, which helps for internal quality and training purposes.

I am not sure if I get enough phone calls to justify the expense.

This may be true…or false… This is why you need to track your calls each month. As a business, you need to know which advertisements are actually bringing in the customers and which ones are just draining your bank account. Value and return on investment will pay for itself.

Remember that there are only two possible outcomes with our services:
-Save thousands of dollars by stopping advertising that does not work
-Increase revenue by focusing on advertising, promotions and media that perform well

Will call tracking lines work with my existing phone lines?

Yes. Call tracking lines simply forward calls to whatever phone number you assign. You don’t need additional lines or services from your existing provider.

Do I need to install any hardware or software for this service?

No. You just need a phone number that the call tracking number can forward to.

Can I point MarCom Decisions number to a different phone?

Yes. You can change where your Marcom Decisions number is directed. You just need to send us an e-mail and the change will be done in 24 hours.

Can I use the Marcom Decisions service with a mobile phone?

Certainly. However, your mobile carrier rates will still apply.

I already know how people find my phone number.

Where did your last 10 calls come from? A phone book ad you placed last year? A brochure? A business card you traded with a stranger last month? A direct mail piece you sent out last week? How can you be so sure? What is your cost for each call? MarCom Decisions gets you the answers.

I don’t want to confuse people with different phone numbers.

People rarely remember phone numbers by heart anymore. We challenge you to recite the phone numbers of the last 3 businesses you called…or more than 5 people in your cell phone’s contact list. Don’t worry about all these new numbers. All calls are forwarded to your main business line so nothing on your end changes.

How long can I access my recorded calls?

Your recorded calls will be available to you online for 35 days free of charge! Should you require more storage time, it can be purchased for $5 per month per number. This fee will extended your recorded call storage time indefinitely.

Is your service reliable?

All the communications passed by the infrastructure are backed by some of the largest telecommunication companies in North America.

If you need more information, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.