How It Works


Our advanced call tracking technology, combined with unique telephone numbers for each ad, allows you to easily track and monitor multiple statistical data on all incoming calls.

Simple. Flexible. Automatic.

• No special equipment to buy
• No restrictions on use
• No training required
• Local numbers for any city
• Toll free numbers
• Works with any and all advertising

Measure. Evaluate. Improve.

• Adjust ads that are not working
• Negotiate better rates with campaign stats
• Know who is calling – the caller’s information is captured, recorded, and saved
• Monitor performance or quality of service – get audio recordings of calls between your staff and customers
• Get results/reporting at any time


Which ads work. What each call costs. And much, much more.

MarCom is the first Canadian company to provide you with reports, graphics and a dashboard – all the tools you need to evaluate the results of your advertising efforts and make informed decisions.

To simplify your life, over thirty graphics are pre-programmed and can be automatically sent once a month or once a week.

In addition, you can access your account any time to view your report or compare your results from different time periods.

Pre-programmed reports are separated into five sections and contain the following data:

1. Top performers dashboard by :

• Cost per call
• Total Calls
• Calls per 100 units per visual, promo, area, campaign

2. Cost per call by :

• Media
• Campaign
• Visual
• Promo
• Area
• Format
• Thousand units (CPM)

3. Calls detail record with mp3 voice recording

4. Number of calls and distribution by:

• Media
• Campaign
• Visual
• Promo
• Area
• Format

5. Timeline by:

• Hour
• Day
• Month by Month
• Calls duration
• Unique callers